About Cartoon Animator - Mark Mason

Mark Mason Animation was formed in 1995 to produce layouts and animation for the second series of William's Wish Wellingtons. Prior to that Mark Mason had completed over 10 years in the British animation industry, initially working as a cartoon animator for a Manchester based animation studio specialising in TV commercials and later as a freelance cartoon animator and animation director, working on a variety of commercials, series (The Raggy Dolls, William's Wish Wellintons and Philbert the Frog) and feature films (All Dogs Go To Heaven).

It is this wealth of experience that gives Mark Mason the ability to produce such a variety of animated work from pre-school TV series such as 'Angelmouse' to work on TV commercials for 'Park' - Christmas and 'Haribo'.

Working alongside regular assistant animators, Jonathan Booth, Sam Power and other talented animators, Mark Mason Animation is a reliable, professional and highly creative company with a proven track record in animation production. We have the enthusiasm dedication and skills to bring any 2D animated project sparkling to life.

An extract from Mark Mason's 'My News' in 1972 (aged 5):

When I grow up.. a letter written by Mark Mason aged 5

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