The Forgotten Toys

Forgotten ToysStories about the trials and tribulations of Annie the rag doll and Teddy the teddy bear in search of new homes when their original owners throw them out after receiving new toys for Christmas. With the voices of Joanna Lumley and Bob Hoskins.

After producing the principal key animation for Teddy in the Forgotten Toys Christmas special, Mark Mason and his crew provided further animation services in the spin-off series featuring Annie and Teddy.

Direction and animation through to finished linetests were supplied for the following episodes:-

Forgotten Toys - Keef and Kaff
  • Not Fair (+ storyboard)
  • Toys That Go Bump in the Night (+ storyboard)
  • Close Encounters of the Toy Kind (+ storyboard)
  • Spy Toys
  • Blazing Toys (+ storyboard)
  • Toy Boy
  • On the Road
  • Theatre Toys
  • Teddy in Love
  • Baby Trouble (storyboard only)

Mark Mason Animation also provided incidental character designs, most notably the sibling burglars "Keef" and "Kaff" who appeared in 3 episodes.

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