Illustration & Character Design


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In addition to 2D animation Mark Mason produces illustration and character design in a range of styles from classic and contemporary cartoon characters designed for animation and commercial promotion to more traditional illustrative work in mixed media or digital mediums for children's book illustration.

Black and white or colour, Beatrix Potter or Retro 1950's. Whatever your character design or cartoon illustration requirement, please browse through our illustrations and contact us if you require any further information.

Take a look at our character design here.

  • Junpin Jupiter
    Jumpin Jupiter (Click for large image) more
  • Sherlock
    Sherlock (Click for large image)
  • Secret Hamster
    Secret Hamster (Click image for gallery)
  • Shelly Duckling
    Shelly Duckling (Click image for gallery)
  • The Flying Kitten
    The Flying Kitten (Click image for gallery)
  • Granny's Teddy
    Granny's Teddy (Click image for gallery)
  • Illustration
    Self publicity illustration

Cartoon Character Design

  • Cartoon characters are instantly recognisable.
  • Cartoon characters increase brand awareness.
  • The design of a cartoon character can be easily targetted, let's say, a particular age group.
  • Huge potential for humour - a primary method of communicating ideas.
  • In comparison with the use of an actor, cartoon characters never age, have super-human abilities and will never demand a pay rise!

Mark Mason Animation is well placed within the animation industry to provide a cartoon character to perfectly meet your needs. Character clients include:-

  • United Utilities
  • Fox's Farm Fresh Deliveries
  • Glynn Webb
  • Motorworld
  • Charlie Browns
  • Wade Ceramics
  • Channel 4 Cricket
  • Blue fairy
    Blue fairy
  • Edgar Allen Crow
    Edgar Allen Crow
  • Earlybird
  • Rosie & Rhona
    Rosie & Rhona
  • Richie Benno
    Richie Benno
  • Ronan
  • CGI character design
    CGI character design
  • Cricket
  • Character design
    Park character design
  • Frank Fish
    Frank Fish model sheet
  • Character design
    Commercial character model sheet
  • Rocket Pig
    Rocket Pig character model sheet
  • Dragon Character
    Dragon characters
  • Foxes Foods
    Fox's Foods
  • bear character
    Bear character
  • Superbanana
  • Cow character
    Cow genie
  • Pixie character
    Boy character