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Secret Hamster Picture Book Illustrations

Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration

Some time ago I came up with this idea for a wordless children's picture story book and produced 3 sample sequential pages. Secret Hamster was inspired by a Marty Feldman sketch I saw as a child, staying up late one night, watching TV in the 1970s. The family who own the hamster look at him, asleep and immobile all day and wonder why they bothered buying him. Little do they know that as soon as their eyes are turned away he's off, leading a secret life as a jet setting James Bond style secret agent.

Around the same time I developed and worked up samples for other stories: 'Shelly, The Lost Duckling', 'Cat Flap - The Tale of the Flying Kitten' and 'Granny's Teddy'. I continue to make notes on the many other similar styled stories I have.

The style is very traditional, with an affectionate nod to Beatrix Potter, but with a modern slant.


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