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Shelly, The Lost Duckling Picture Book Illustrations

Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration

Some time ago I came up with this idea for a wordless children's picture story book and produced 3 sample sequential pages.

Shelly is the story of a little duckling who, as an egg, drifts downstream only to hatch miles away from her family. She is befriended by a wooly caterpillar and together, they make the perilous journey upstream to find her family.

Around the same time I developed and worked up samples for other stories: 'Secret Hamster', 'Cat Flap - The Tale of the Flying Kitten' and 'Granny's Teddy'. I continue to make notes on the many other similar styled stories I have.

The style is very traditional, with an affectionate nod to Beatrix Potter, but with a modern slant.


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